Racial Differences on the Future of Work: A Survey of the American Workforce

Technological changes in the workplace are increasing productivity and opportunities for some American workers, displacing others, and requiring many to develop new skills. At the same time, demographic changes suggest that people of color will become the majority of the U.S. population between 2040 and 2050. In light of these factors, the perspectives of people…

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The Use of Digital Tools by Black and Latino Businesses

New Joint Center Survey: The Use of Digital Tools by Black and Latino Businesses As we become increasingly reliant upon our devices — from finding the nearest gas station with our navigation systems to paying for our coffee with a swipe of our phones, businesses of color need to do an internal check and ask…

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Voters in 2016: Spending on Health Care

As the nation’s leadership shifts, the Joint Center will continue to release several data briefs comparing the policy priorities of white Trump voters, black Clinton voters, Latino Clinton voters, and white Clinton voters. This brief focuses on government spending on health care coverage for low-income Americans. KEY FINDINGS: Black, Latino, and white Clinton voters were…

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