The Joint Center is currently focused on:

Black Talent Initiative

The Joint Center's Black Talent Initiative works with the Biden administration to identify a pool of top Black candidates for positions in government who will make decisions that could trigger long-term systemic change in federal policies and practices. To see our research or to learn more about the Black Talent Initiative, click here.

Economic Policy

The Joint Center’s Economic Policy Program centers Black communities in policy debates about workforce policy, small business, economic development, tax policy, and household economic security. To see our research and activities on economic policy, click here.

Hill Diversity

The Joint Center’s Hill diversity work analyzes staff diversity on the Hill and applauds members of Congress with diverse staffers. To see our research and activities on hill diversity, click here.

Tech Policy

The Joint Center’s Technology Policy Program is dedicated to exploring the impact of emerging technologies and developing policy solutions to improve the lives of Black communities. Through evidence-based research, convenings, and strategic communications, we work with leading experts and scholars to create new ideas in the tech ecosystem. Our research and analysis provide compelling and actionable tech policy solutions to inform decision-making by policymakers. We do this by highlighting urgent issues on platform accountability, broadband access and adoption, and privacy & algorithmic fairness. To see our research and activities on tech policy, click here.

Workforce Policy

The Joint Center’s Workforce Policy Program centers Black workers in policy debates concerning the future of work, workforce development, and access to good jobs. ​​The Workforce Policy Program is about ​the future of Black workers. To see our research and activities on the workforce policy, click here.