The Joint Center is currently focused on:

Economic Policy

The Joint Center’s economic policy program is focused on identifying opportunities to improve the economic status of Black communities. The Joint Center’s economic research covers various issues, including improving financial security, increasing entrepreneurship, and strengthening the safety net. To see our research and activities on economic policy, click here.

Future of Work

The Joint Center’s future of work program is focused on identifying the challenges and opportunities of the changing nature of work for Black communities. Automation, the “gig economy,” and globalization are changing the nature of work, and can either deepen or eliminate racial disparities in the future based on today’s policy decisions. Our work concentrates on creating solutions to help workers in Black communities as the economy changes. To see our research and activities on the future of work, click here.

Hill Diversity

The Joint Center’s hill diversity work is focused on analyzing staff diversity on the Hill. Through our work, we encourage Members of Congress to hire diverse staff that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity in their respective districts or state. Our program offers an analysis of racial and ethnic staff data and applauds Members who hire diverse staffers. To see our research and activities on hill diversity, click here.

Tech Policy

The Joint Center’s tech policy program analyzes how data privacy, AI, and other tech issues impact Black communities. Through the tech policy program, the Joint Center informs thought leaders, stakeholders in corporations, government policymakers at various levels, and advocates with insights on the most effective ways to advance the tech policy interests of Black communities. To see our research and activities on tech policy, click here.