Pathway Staff Diversity in Senate Personal Offices

This report provides evidence regarding the lack of racial diversity among U.S. Senate “pathway” staff.

Improving Policy Narratives For Young Black Workers

This project is a collection of 13 messaging principles developed from insights from a task force of 11 young Black workers, focus groups, and a thorough media analysis.

June Jobs Day Analysis

Each month, the Joint Center analyzes the employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and showcases what the numbers mean for Black workers.

Good Jobs Challenge Recommendations

The Joint Center released Good Jobs Challenge recommendations to the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). These recommendations provide insight into how the Good Jobs Challenge can benefit Black workers and create critical opportunities to increase Black employment.

Priorities for Technology Policy

The Joint Center released survey results on racial equity priorities across race. Of the priorities, passing legislation to protect online privacy and data was rated the highest by respondents, with 73 percent of all respondents saying this priority should be an important or top priority for Congress.

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