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New Joint Center Poll on Black Voter Enthusiasm

There is plenty of conjecture about whether African Americans will turn out to vote in 2016, but not enough accurate data. The Joint Center commissioned and analyzed a national survey to fill that gap. The survey intentionally oversampled black voters, which made it possible to identify trends among African Americans of different incomes, ages, and other demographic factors.
The Joint Center’s report on voter enthusiasm found that:

  • Most voters said they intended to vote, regardless of their race or ethnicity.
  • An overwhelming majority of black men and women said they saw the 2016 race as a high-stakes election.
  • Among voters planning to cast their ballots for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, African Americans were more likely than whites or Latinos to describe their choice as a vote for Hillary Clinton, rather than as a vote against Donald Trump.
  • Among black voters who intended to support the Democratic nominee, a majority of older voters described their choice as a vote for Clinton. Younger black voters were more likely to describe their choice as a vote against Trump.

Read our full 17-page report here.

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