Joint Center Hosts Inaugural Policy Forum ‘A Voice at the Table’

On December 6, the Joint Center hosted its inaugural breakfast policy forum, A Voice at the Table. This discussion series provides an opportunity for key policy leaders and stakeholders to discuss critical topics such as the future of work, diversity & inclusion, the use of big data, financial capability, emerging economic trends, and other issues…

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Joint Center Hosts Convening on the Future of Work in Atlanta

On October 29, 2019, the Joint Center, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies hosted a day-long convening at the Andrew Young School in Atlanta, GA to discuss the challenges and solutions for the Black residents of Atlanta regarding the future of work. Participants, including scholars, community leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, members of…

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Joint Center Hosts Data Privacy Roundtable During CBC Week

On September 11, Joint Center Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton moderated a data privacy roundtable to identify pressing concerns in data privacy for African Americans, discuss the challenges and solutions regarding legislation on data privacy, and determine the research questions that the Joint Center should explore as we build our data privacy research agenda. Participants in…

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Joint Center Hosts 2019 CBC Luncheon

On May 29, the Joint Center hosted a luncheon featuring an overview of the 2019 Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Agenda. CBC Executive Director Kevin Harris provided the audience with insight on the priorities of the Caucus, and congressional staff highlighted their efforts to strengthen voting rights. In addition, full committee staff shared their priorities. The…

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Joint Center Hosts Convening on the Future of Work in Chicago

On April 26, 2019, the Joint Center, Comcast-NBCUniversal, and Black Action in Public Policy Studies (a student group at the University of Chicago) hosted a day-long convening at the UChicago to discuss solutions for the Black residents in Chicago as it relates to the future of work.Participants, including local workforce boards, community leaders, coding groups,…

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Joint Center Hosts Future of Work Members Roundtable on Capitol Hill

On May 8, the Joint Center partnered with U.S. House Education and Workforce Ranking Member Congressman Bobby Scott (VA) to host a Member Roundtable exploring the impact of automation on workers of color in retail. The event followed a Joint Center report released in December 2017 that showed over 5% of both Latino and Black…

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Joint Center & U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott Host Transportation Future of Work Roundtable

On April 11, the Joint Center in conjunction with U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Ranking Member Congressman Bobby Scott hosted a roundtable exploring the impact of autonomous vehicles on workers of color. Joint Center President Spencer Overton moderated. Play the video below to watch for the full session. Members participating included: Representative…

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Diversity in Advocacy Reception

On March 7, approximately 50 individuals attended Joint Center’s Diversity in Advocacy reception to network and learn about our work for Staff Up Congress. The reception was co-hosted by the Government Affairs Industry Network and the Grassroots Professional Network, in cooperation with the Congressional Tri-Caucus Staff Associations. Staff Up Congress, a partnership between the National…

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