Joint Center Talks Supporting Black-Led Organizations on ‘Inside Change’ Podcast

Joint Center President Spencer Overton Blue Tent and Inside Philanthropy’s podcast, Inside Change, to discuss the increase in financial support for Black-led organizations with host David Callahan.

The full description for the podcasts episode is below:

“Black led organizations have long had a tough time raising money. They scrimped along with modest budgets and small staffs. Yet in recent years, this has finally begun to change, even before the protests in June 2020 over George Floyd’s death. Black led organizations were benefiting from an uptick in financial support from foundations and major donors, that were bringing a stronger racial justice lens to their work. In the second half of 2020, that rising stream of funding turned into a torrent of new support for Black led groups.

One Black led organization that that has been around for a long time is the Joint Center For Economic and Political Studies, which has been the only think tank that exclusively focuses on issues of concern to Black people since 1970. The Joint Center has gone through some tough times in the last decade, but lately it has been in a period of growth and renewal under the leadership of its president, Spencer Overton.” 

Listen below.