Economic Policy

Joint Center Partners with Groundwork Collaborative and UnidosUS Action Fund for a Ethnography & Survey of Nearly 4,000 Black and Latino Adults

The Joint Center partnered with Groundwork Collaborative and the UnidosUS Action Fund to complete an ethnography and survey of nearly 4,000 Black and Latino adults.

This memo presents findings from this study as pertains to responses gathered from Black adults. Our results show that:

  • Black adults perceive the economy through a people-centered lens and face serious personal economic challenges.
  • While Black adults say individual drive is important for economic success, they also see an economy that’s rigged in favor of the wealthy and privileged.
  • Black adults strongly believe that racism plays a role in the economy and that the government should do more to address it yet are less likely to cite racism as their most significant economic concern.
  • Most believe there has been little improvement in the overall U.S. economy over the last two years, though they are slightly more optimistic about their own personal situation.
  • Black adults want the federal government to take a more active role in improving the economy, though there remains a great deal of skepticism that politicians will actually change things for the greater good.

Read the entire report here.