Tech Policy

Joint Center Joins Aspen Institute Forum on How the U.S. Government Should Spend $100 Billion on Broadband

Joint Center Technology Policy Director Dr. Dominique Harrison joined an Aspen Institute forum to discuss how the U.S. government should spend $100 billion on broadband. Other speakers included Michelle Connolly (Professor of Economics, Duke University), Donald Cravins Jr. (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, National Urban League), Greg Rosston (Gordon Cain Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and Director of Public Policy, Stanford University).  Technology Policy Institute President Scott Wallsten moderated the conversation.

The description is as follows: “How should policymakers balance buildout and adoption? What are the best mechanisms for meeting broadband objectives? Is it possible for programs to be designed in ways that facilitate useful evaluations? How will we know if we have solved the digital divide, or is it constantly evolving and not fully solvable? We will discuss these and other questions related to current broadband initiatives.”

Watch the discussion below.