Economic Policy

Joint Center Expert Discusses Employment Tax Policy

Joint Center Vice President of Policy Jessica Fulton participated in the Niskanen Center and Public Private Strategies’ panel, Understanding the Post-Midterm Implications on Key Employment Tax Policy Issues. In this conversation, Fulton discussed the tax and workforce strategies that can help America’s labor market get back on track, address long-standing challenges such as trade and automation, and win broad political support.

In this conversation, Fulton states “in terms of thinking about how we get to some interesting and hopefully innovative solutions, I think we really need to pull more people into the conversation. I think that we have a tendency to kind of rely on the policies that we have that quite frankly, have left like good large segments of the population outright… But making sure that the folks who are most likely to be excluded or like in those conversations are in the forefront is going to be really important to getting solutions.”

View the conversation below.