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Hill Diversity

LaShonda Gov Matters Interview

Joint Center Talks Capitol Hill Diversity with Government Matters

Joint Center Senior Researcher Dr. LaShonda Brenson joined Mimi Gergees from Government Matters to discuss the Joint Center’s research on the diversity of senior staff in Congress and recommendations for institutional change.

According to Dr. Brenson, “improving the pipeline so that when the staffer gets on the Hill that they feel supported and they can build a career, increasing the pay for all congressional staffers [so that they] receive a livable wage, and that way they can feel comfortable saying and building a career on Capitol Hill” are great steps to support diversity. Moreover, she states that  “there needs to be more investment into diverse staffers, in terms of building their career. So once they are on the Hill, … they be supported to where they can get a lot of training and opportunities for growth when it comes to, being promoted over time and into senior leadership.”

View the interview below.