Tech Policy

Joint Center Co-Hosts Telehealth Webinar on ‘The Missing Link to Improving Delivery and Quality of Care for Latino and African American Communities’

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) co-hosted a telehealth webinar, The Missing Link to Improving Delivery and Quality of Care, on Monday, May 11 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm EST.

The discussion centered on how regulators and policymakers are improving access to digital health care for communities of color and how to ensure patient confidentiality and privacy during the COVID-19 health crisis and beyond.

Joint Center Vice President Jessica Fulton and HTTP Executive Director Alejandro Roark moderated the conversation. Expert panelists included:

  • eHealth Initiative and Foundation Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Covich Bordenick
  • CDT Interim Co-CEO & General Counsel Lisa A. Hayes
  • FQHC Family Physician & Medical Director Dr. Melissa S. See
  • FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks
  • Health Innovation Alliance Executive Director Joel White


We will post the video once as soon as it is available.