Privacy & Algorithmic Fairness 

We explore critical privacy issues and big data practices that produce discriminatory outcomes for Black communities.

Joint Center Joins R Street Institute Panel on National Data Privacy Law and International Data Security

Joint Center Technology Policy Director Dr. Dominique Harrison joined R Street Institute’s panel entitled “Congress needs to start caring about our privacy as much as China does.” The conversation focused on “the urgency of a national data privacy law and its implications on the United States’ standing in data security internationally.” Other panelists included Google…

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Joint Center and 24 Tech Policy and Civil Rights Groups Call on the FTC to Quickly Confirm Commissioners Who Will Advance Equity and Racial Justice

The Joint Center joined a coalition of 24 tech policy and civil rights groups calling on the Federal Trade Commission to quickly nominate and confirm commissioners who will advance equity and racial justice. The FTC should commit the agency to addressing data abuses that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Read the letter here.

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Joint Center Joins Sadie Collective Panel on AI Bias and Black Communities

Joint Center Director of Technology Policy Dr. Dominique Harrison participated in a panel at the Sadie Collective Third Annual Conference exploring how AI bias can negatively affect Black communities. Other panelists included UC Berkeley Computer Science Assistant Professor Dr. Rediet Abebe and Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Ph.D. Student Jordan Harrod. See highlights from the…

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Joint Center Co-Hosts Telehealth Webinar on ‘The Missing Link to Improving Delivery and Quality of Care for Latino and African American Communities’

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) co-hosted a telehealth webinar, The Missing Link to Improving Delivery and Quality of Care, on Monday, May 11 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm EST. The discussion centered on how regulators and policymakers are improving access to digital health care…

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Joint Center Goes to Partnership on AI’s Annual Summit in London

From September 26-27, Joint Center Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton and Workforce Policy Director Harin Contractor participated in Partnership on AI’s annual summit in London, England. Every year, Partnership on AI brings together stakeholders from the tech community, advocacy groups, business, and academia to discuss the implications of AI on society. The Joint Center contributed…

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Joint Center Hosts Data Privacy Roundtable During CBC Week

On September 11, Joint Center Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton moderated a data privacy roundtable to identify pressing concerns in data privacy for African Americans, discuss the challenges and solutions regarding legislation on data privacy, and determine the research questions that the Joint Center should explore as we build our data privacy research agenda. Participants in…

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Policies to Help Black & Latino Businesses Use Mobile Apps to Grow

The Joint Center’s report, Policies to Help Black & Latino Businesses Use Mobile Apps to Grow, provides an introduction to policymakers, chambers of commerce, libraries, incubators, and other local institutions on how Black and Latino entrepreneurs can use apps to grow. Click on the following for the… 2-page executive summary 22-page full report Key Points:…

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Thoughts on “A People’s Guide to AI”

I first heard about the short book “A People’s Guide to AI” about six months ago, and I finally read it. I enjoyed the book, and decided to share a few informal thoughts. The book is an introduction to artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning with an equity frame. It provides basic definitions,…

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Joint Center Economic Policy Director Moderates Panel at Data4BlackLives Conference

Joint Center’s Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton moderated a panel at the Data4BlackLives second annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Jessica’s panel,Black People vs Robots: Reparations and Workers Rights in the Age of Automation, took place on Sunday, January 13 from 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM. According to the Data4BlackLives schedule, the panel discussed the following:…

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