Workforce Policy


Innovations in Transportation Lunch

Today, the Joint Center convened a meeting of transportation experts to talk about the future of communities of color, hosted at Uber. We collected ideas from the experts about major technological shifts in transportation and automation over the next decade that may present both challenges and opportunities for communities of color (e.g., automation/robotics, autonomous vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, smart transit, ride sharing economy, big data/analytics, and building a workforce with skills tailored to the demands of our emerging economy).

Based on this conversation and others, the Joint Center will select 3-4 areas in which to produce reports, policy briefs, policy videos, fact sheets, and survey data in 2017. The work will provide an overview about the shift and anticipated challenges (e.g., loss of particular jobs) and opportunities (e.g., new types of jobs, minority contracting opportunities, quality of life improvements) to communities of color. The work will also make recommendations to elected officials and other key stakeholders on steps they should take now to mitigate challenges and maximize opportunities for communities of color.

For more details, click here for a summary and 1-minute video of our 2017 plans.

Participants at Transportation Lunch
Malcom Glenn, Uber (host)
Robert Chiappetta, Toyota
William Clyburn, Clyburn Consulting LLC
Edward Cohen, Honda
Anita Cozart, PolicyLink
Richard Ezike, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Garrick Francis, CSX
Rich Lopez, General Motors
Marcus Mason, The Madison Group
Alejandra Montoya-Boyer, Joint Center
Spencer Overton, Joint Center
Devon Wardlow, Lyft
Cherie Wilson, General Motors