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Voter Suppression is Wrong

Today, J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr tweeted the following: “‘If there was justice in the world they’d be suppressing white people’ says @jointcenter staffer. What says @donnabrazile @SpencerOverton?” He elaborated on the tweet in a blog post.

The Daily Beast attributed that statement to David Bositis, who is not a Joint Center staffer, and has not worked at the Joint Center for over a year.

Voter suppression against any racial group is a serious matter, and it is wrong. Our democracy should work to facilitate participation by Americans of all backgrounds.

For the most recent report published by the Joint Center on race in politics, please read “50 Years of the Voting Rights Act: The State of Race in Politics.” The report is critical to understanding the impact of the Act and the future of voting rights. The report provides data on minority voter turnout, racially polarized voting, policy outcomes by race, and the number of minority elected officials from 1965 until the present. Click here to read the 2-page summary or the full 46-page report.