Hill Diversity

The Hill Covers the Joint Center’s House Diversity Report

The Joint Center’s recent report, “Racial Diversity Among Top Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives” was featured in The Hill. This report outlines the representation of Black Americans among commissioned officers in the Biden White House and offers recommendations for a more diverse base of top-level federal employees.

The article also quoted Joint Center Senior Researcher Dr. LaShonda Brenson, who authored the report. “While it’s encouraging to see that four percentage point increase, there are still ways to go in thinking about how staff can be more reflective of the U.S. population,” Dr. Brenson said.

“Members of Congress can only be at one place at one time,” she continued. “They rely heavily on their senior staff to advise them on various issues, and if that member wants to be able to speak to various constituencies that he or she represents, they need a diverse council to rely on to provide information and provide the current perspective.”

This study was also featured in Yahoo! News, among other outlets.

Read the report here.