Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report Cover

2022 Annual Report

Dear Joint Center Community: This past year has been a transition for our organization as our indelible leader, Spencer Overton, announced his plans to return to a full-time faculty position…

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Joint Center 2021 Annual Report Cover

2021 Accomplishments

Dear Joint Center Community, As we celebrate our 52nd anniversary this month, we are sharing our newly-designed 2021 annual report that highlights our accomplishments that promoted ideas that advanced Black…

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2020 Accomplishments

Click above to watch our 3-minute 2020 Highlights video, and click here to support our work.  Joint Center Community: Framed by the pandemic and systemic inequality, 2020 was a difficult…

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2019 Accomplishments

Joint Center Community: In 2019, the Joint Center shifted the national debate on the future of work to include racial equity. We also realized historic gains in both U.S. House…

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2018 Accomplishments

In 2018, the Joint Center emerged as the leader in the future of work in Black communities and congressional staff diversity.

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2017 Accomplishments

Highlights of 2017   Joint Center Community: 2017 was a successful but challenging year. In May, we lost the most significant figure in our history, former Joint Center President Eddie…

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Joint Center 2017

Joint Center Plan for 2017 Inclusion, Innovation, & Economics The Future for Communities of Color In 2017, the Joint Center will examine shifts in our economy over the next decade,…

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2016 Annual Report

Highlights of 2016 Governance in 2016 Diversity Among Top Congressional Staff: Building on our 31-page report on Diversity Among Top Senate Staff, in 2016 the Joint Center produced this 2-minute…

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