Joint Center Updates

Sunsetting the Roundup and Opportunities for New Communications

Joint Center Community:
This year is shaping up to be an exciting time at the Joint Center. As you may have noticed in our monthly newsletters we are quickly growing. We have a relatively new VP of Communications (Chandra Hayslett) — and we’re revamping the way we engage. While our strategies may change, we remain committed to rigorous research, effective policy solutions, and strategic communications and convenings to remove barriers to the full freedom for Black communities in America.
With this in mind, as of this month, the Joint Center will phase out our weekly roundup emails. The May 26 Joint Center roundup will be our last.
We published our first weekly roundup March 30, 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when there was a great deal of misinformation affecting Black communities and policies were quickly moving in Washington, DC. We informed you of news, convenings, and policies to help Black communities nationwide stay up-to-date and most effectively participate in policy debates.
As the social and political landscape evolved over these past two years, our roundup content has as well. In its current iteration, the roundup’s focus on political appointments, Biden administration policies, congressional actions, and movement building highlighted how conversations in DC have a direct effect on Black communities.
We are incredibly proud of the allies, appointees, and developments relevant to Black communities that the roundup magnified, and all of the work that the Joint Center team invested into the publication. At the same time, we’re always pressing ourselves on ways to most effectively communicate the Joint Center’s work as well as policy developments, appointments, and research relevant to Black communities.
As the sun sets on our weekly roundup email, we are looking forward to rolling out new publications that lift up Black communities, research, and policy solutions. For example, we’ll introduce a newly-designed newsletter, as well as other exciting publications. Stay tuned.