Economic Policy

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Joint Center’s Economic Policy Director Joins Panel at National Academy of Social Insurance’s 31st Annual Policy Conference

Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton joined the National Academy of Social Insurance for its 31st Annual Policy Conference. This year’s focus was “Regenerating Social Insurance for Millennials and the Millennium.”

Jessica’s panel, “The Changing Nature of Work: Challenges and Solutions,” sought to answer the question of whether “we need to develop new economic and social policies to address the changing nature of work facing today’s workers and younger generations?” and delved into discussions on the “many megatrends influencing the future of work” and the “implications for society, employers, employees, and social insurance.”The panel was not recorded but the transcription will be available soon.

The list of speakers was as follows:

Ramsey Alwin, Director of Thought Leadership, Financial Resilience, Office of Policy, Research, and International Affairs, AARP

Romina Boccia, Director, Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, The Heritage Foundation
Jessica Fulton, Director, Economic Policy, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Aliya Robinson, Executive Director, Retirement Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Shelly Steward, Research Manager, Future of Work Initiative, Aspen Institute