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Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Harin Contractor Joins NAWB Panel on Diversity, Equity, and Skills in the Workforce

On March 24, Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Harin Contractor joined the panel, Diversity, Equity and Skills in the Workforce: A Growing Employer Imperative, at the National Association of Workforce Boards forum. The conversation was moderated by Jobs For The Future, or JFF, Senior Advisor Eric Seleznow. Other panelists included Kirkland Murray (President and CEO, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation), Laura Beeth (Vice President Talent Acquisition, Fairview Health Services Minneapolis, MN Chair, Governor’s Workforce Development Board), and Tadd Wamester (Director, New Americans Initiative, Voxy.com).

The description for the panel is as follows: “Employers are seeking a highly skilled workforce and a diverse workforce that reflect the diversity of the country and the communities. The workforce is becoming more and more diverse and Workforce Boards are seeing more diverse clients seeking services. Diverse populations often face unique issues in the workplace and the community, but also need the skills to advance in the workplace. How does a Workforce board prepare clients who bring unique backgrounds and experiences to the workplace? What are employers doing to reach into their communities? How does a workforce board ensure all workers are provided the training and skill development needed by local employers? And how do boards assist employers with diversity needs and work with employers to accommodate these differences? This session will explore strategies that can meet the needs of clients with diverse, and many times under-served, backgrounds as well as employers who are seeking to diversify their workforce and provide upwardly mobile career opportunities to all workers.”

More information on the entire event can be found here.


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