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Joint Center Senior Researcher Quoted in Roll Call Article on the Need for a Senate Diversity and Inclusion Office

Dr. Lashonda Brenson, senior researcher at the Joint Center, was quoted in Roll Call, advocating for a bipartisan diversity and inclusion office in the Senate.

“We can’t solve problems when we don’t have data and an understanding of what it looks like,” said Dr. Brenson. “If they were to establish a bipartisan office and work together as the House has done over the last several years, I think that could send a strong statement to the American people.”

Read the article here.

The Joint Center has consistently advocated for the creation of this office. In May, the Joint Center joined a cross-partisan coalition of organizations to submit a testimony in support of a Senate Office of Diversity and Inclusion (OD&I) for the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee FY 2023.