Economic Policy

Joint Center President Joins AARP’s Panel on ‘Equity, Inclusion, and a New World of Work’ at The Atlantic Festival

Joint Center President Spencer Overton joined AARP’s panel, Equity, Inclusion, and a New World of Work, at the virtual Atlantic Festival. During the discussion, Spencer spoke about digital technologies that are transforming work, increased utilization of autonomous robots, and the significance of digital skills and remote work especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other panelists included AARP Global Thought Leadership Senior Vice President Jean Accius, The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative Executive Director Alastair Fitzpayne, AARP Chief Operating Officer Scott Frisch, and AARP Financial Resiliency Programming Vice President Susan Weinstock.

The panel’s description is as follows: “Profound disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic have challenged employers and their workforce in ways that could not have been predicted or imagined. Join this expert panel for a compelling discussion on the future of work, how employers can support their multigenerational workforce during these unprecedented challenges, and how to foster equity and organizational growth and opportunity as we recover and rebuild. ”

Watch the entire panel below.