Workforce Policy

Joint Center Participates in Center Forward’s Future of Work Staff Briefing

On September 18, Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Harin Contractor participated in a panel for Center Forward’s briefing on the future of work for staffers on the Hill. They discussed the role of workers and unions, the importance of collective bargaining, how automation might affect the jobs and wages of communities of color and women, and paid leave. The panelists also shared some solutions that staffers on the Hill could examine.

Additionally, the panelists discussed the small investment the U.S. makes in workforce training and how this needs to change if we want to see equitable growth in the future.

Other panelists included Business Forward President Jim Doyle, Mine the Gap Co-Founder Jessica Grounds, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Political and Legislative Affairs Director Austin Keyser, and Third Way Economic Program Senior Vice President Gabe Horwitz.