Tech Policy

Joint Center Joins Panel on COVID-19 and the Future of Technology

Joint Center Technology Policy Director Dr. Dominique Harrison joined a panel entitled What has COVID taught us about the future of technology and TPRC? To discuss how emerging technologies and TPRC—a 501(c)3 that annually “brings together a diverse, international group of researchers from academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations to challenge each other’s ideas and to interact with policymakers and members of the private sector”—can navigate the future. Other panelists include Caitlin Chin, Research Associate and Past Winner of the TPRC Student Paper Competition, Tom Hazlett, Clemson University, Roberto Gallardo, Purdue Center for Regional Development Director, Roslyn Layton, TPRC Program Committee Chair and Aalborg University Center for Communication, Media, and Information Technologies Visiting Researcher, and Scott Wallsten, Technology Policy Institute President. Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, TPRC Board Chair, and Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, Governance Studies and Director, Center for Technology Innovation moderated the conversation.