Hill Diversity

The Joint Center’s Hill diversity work analyzes racial diversity of congressional staff. See below for our research, analysis, and activities.

New LegiStorm Report Shows New House Members Hire More Diverse Staff

New LegiStorm Data Finds Freshmen House Members Hire More Diverse Staff Than Their Senior Colleagues  Joint Center Data Confirms Top Staff Hiring Also More Diverse  Last week, LegiStorm, a web-based platform that identifies congressional staff and monitors activity on Capitol Hill, published a blog comparing staff hiring by new Members of Congress and their longer-serving…

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Joint Center Organizes Letter With Over 35 Civil Rights Groups Urging Majority Leader Schumer to Establish a Bipartisan Senate Diversity and Inclusion Office

The Joint Center organized a letter signed by over 35 civil rights groups addressed to Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) urging his office to establish a bipartisan Senate Diversity and Inclusion Office. In the letter, we recommend the new bipartisan Senate Diversity and Inclusion Office be staffed by professionals with expertise in diversity who support both…

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Joint Center Op-Ed: After Georgia, Senators Must Prioritize Staff Diversity

Sources: CNN, NYT, Cook & Joint Center.* After Black voters in Georgia enabled Democrats to control the Senate, Morning Consult published this commentary by Joint Center Senior Fellow of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. LaShonda Brenson and Joint Center President Spencer Overton calling for the Senate to take key steps to prioritize hiring, developing, and promoting…

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Biden Black Cabinet Secretary Nominations Trail Behind Clinton’s Nominations and Biden’s Share of Black Voters:

President-elect Joe Biden nominated Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense and Marcia Fudge as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, filling 2 of the 15 available positions with Black Cabinet Secretaries. His nominations fall behind both President Clinton who nominated 4 Black Cabinet Secretaries out of the 14 spots available at the beginning of his first term and…

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