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Joint Center Statement: Biden Misses Opportunity to Disclose White House Staff Data Disaggregated by Race

For Immediate Release

July 1, 2022


Chandra Hayslett, 

Valerie Jean-Charles,


Biden misses opportunity to disclose White House staff data disaggregated by race

Today, the White House released its federally-required Annual Report to Congress on White House Office Personnel that lists the names, titles, and salaries of White House staff. Despite calls to disaggregate and disclose data by race, the Biden administration did not use this opportunity to set a precedent in this important space. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies continues to urge the White House to disaggregate and disclose data by race and issued the following statement:

“The Biden White House prides itself in being one of the most diverse administrations in the nation’s history, but by failing to disclose data disaggregated by race, the administration falls short of its commitment of ‘advancing equity for all,’” said Spencer Overton, president of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. “Disclosure of staff by race allows the public to better understand the extent to which the White House staff reflects the diversity of our nation, and allows those committed to diversity to identify areas of success and future opportunities for growth. Approximately 22 percent of President Biden’s voters were Black, and without insight into the racial breakdown, Americans cannot know if the White House is moving closer toward its idea of a more representative government. Future White House reports on staff must disclose data disaggregated by race.”

As we mentioned in our congressional staff diversity work, providing disaggregated data can show a more accurate representation of how the government will respond to the diverse needs of constituents.

In 2020, the Joint Center played a leading role in the federal government disaggregating COVID-19 cases and fatalities by race, and has consistently encouraged the executive and legislative branches of the federal government to disaggregate staffer demographic data by race.

Overton is available for further comment.

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