Empowering the Black Community through Entrepreneurship: The Role for States

This presentation by Dr. Wilhelmina Leigh, originally shown at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation conference, offers strategies for state legislators looking to increase entrepreneurship in their communities.

Confidence About Financial Security at Retirement: Perspectives of African Americans and White Americans

This fall 2012 poll from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies finds that, although more than half of both African Americans and white Americans are ‘very or somewhat’ confident that they will be financially secure during retirement, this financial security may not become reality.

Solvency and Adequacy for the Social Security System: Perspectives of African Americans and White Americans

This 2012 poll conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies finds that majorities of black Americans and white Americans hold the same views about proposals that would foster solvency and proposals that would improve benefit adequacy within the Social Security system. For example, to foster solvency, majorities of the two groups favor enrolling new state and local government employees in the system and oppose reducing the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

Retirement Confidence in the Education Sector: Comparisons by Race

During the economic doldrums that have followed The Great Recession, employees in the education sector (administrators, staff, and teachers or faculty at both the K-12 level and the post-secondary level) are confident about both their retirement savings behavior and their likely retirement outcomes. African American and white American employees in the education sector are more optimistic about their retirement planning and prospects than are U.S. workers overall.

Strengthening Social Security...By Modernizing the System

Dr. Wilhelmina Leigh spoke on the whys and hows of Social Security modernization at the National Academy of Social Insurance's 25th Annual Policy Research Conference on January 31, 2013.

More presentations, videos, and other conference materials can be found on the NASI website.

Developing an Asset-Building Agenda - Lessons From the Field

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies collaborated with the Center on Race and Wealth at Howard University to host a discussion with asset-building coalition leaders from Illinois and Mississippi about the models they have used to develop their state policy agendas.

Demystifying Social Security: How Does it Work? Benefit Adequacy

This slide show discusses how Social Security benefits truly help those who receive them. Presented at a National Academy of Social Insurance 2012 Summer Academy session entitled Demystifying Social Security on July 11, 2012.

A Lost Decade: Neighborhood Poverty and the Urban Crisis of the 2000s

The report looks at trends in the share of African American, Hispanic and white families in high-poverty neighborhoods since 1970. While there is a smaller share of black, Hispanic and white families living in high-poverty neighborhoods today than in 1970, black and Hispanic families are increasingly more likely than whites to live in high-poverty neighborhoods.