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WNYC-FM Radio Covers Joint Center Research on Broadband Access in the Black Rural South

WNYC-FM Radio covered the Joint Center research report on expanding broadband access in the Black Rural South.

From WNYC-FM Radio: “Access to [a]ffordable and reliable [i]nternet, high-speed please not dial up, is nothing less than a requirement in this day and age. Everything from applying for a job to getting medicine can require an [i]nternet connection. There are a lot of places in this country, specifically for us right now in the rural South, where [i]nternet, when available is neither [a]ffordable, reliable, or high speed and that’s a digital divide that affect some [B]lack Americans disproportionately, a study from the [J]oint Center for [P]olitical and [E]conomic [S]tudies showed 38[percent] of [B]lack households in that part of the country don’t have home [i]nternet.”