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Voters in 2016: Government Spending on Internet and Technology Training

After this week’s election results, cultural divides persist. The first step toward moving forward is understanding different perspectives.

As the nation transitions into a new government, the Joint Center will release several data briefs comparing the policy priorities of white Trump voters, black Clinton voters, Latino Clinton voters, and white Clinton voters.

Our first brief focuses on government spending on programs that provide Internet and new technology training.


  • Eighty percent of white Trump voters said they favor either keeping current funding levels or increasing funding in Internet and new technology training programs.
  • Black Clinton voters were the most likely to support increasing investments.
  • Across income groups, white Trump voters earning $50,000 – $74,999 had the largest numbers in favor of decreasing spending (24 percent).
  • Across age groups, Black Clinton voters age 55-64 were most likely to support increasing government spending (80 percent).

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