Voters in 2016: Government Spending on Technology Training

After this week’s election results, cultural divides persist. The first step toward moving forward is understanding different perspectives. As the nation transitions into a new government, the Joint Center will release several data briefs comparing the policy priorities of white Trump voters, black Clinton voters, Latino Clinton voters, and white Clinton voters. Our first brief…

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Voter in 2016 Survey Methodology

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies commissioned and analyzed the results of this survey conducted in partnership with the Nielsen Scarborough Company. This survey results from a nationally representative sample of 1,500 registered voters regardless of vote intention, with an intentional oversample of African Americans and Latinos (600 whites, 600 African Americans, and…

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Regional Diversity small

New Joint Center Poll on Black Voter Enthusiasm

There is plenty of conjecture about whether African Americans will turn out to vote in 2016, but not enough accurate data. The Joint Center commissioned and analyzed a national survey to fill that gap. The survey intentionally oversampled black voters, which made it possible to identify trends among African Americans of different incomes, ages, and…

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