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Sharing Our Strategic Vision with Key Stakeholders

The Joint Center held two important convenings in January to share its new five-year strategic plan with key partners. The first meeting, in Washington, DC at Reed Smith, brought together union representatives and business leaders from a variety of sectors, including technology, transportation, and communications, and also brought together union representatives. The second meeting, in New York City at the Ford Foundation, included program and policy experts from the philanthropic world.

At both meetings, the Joint Center’s Board Chair, Barbara Johnson, welcomed guests and shared the organization’s strategic planning process. Spencer Overton provided an overview of the strategic plan, which will include a continued focus on congressional staff diversity and a new initiative on the future of work and how automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological advances will affect Black workers. During lively discussions, participants provided feedback and guidance for how the Joint Center can maximize its impact. If you have thoughts on our future direction, we’d love to hear from you.