Welcome to the Place Matters Resource page! This section has been developed to provide information sources that are intended for the broader community, i.e. policy leaders, advocates, local, state, and national organizers.

The Place Matters initiative advances the Health Policy Institute’s (HPI) mission to promote the fair health movement, which seeks to address a wide range of social policies that impact health and wellbeing.  From the initiative’s viewpoint, social policies are inextricably linked with health policies. If we are to reduce widespread death and disease in this country, we must begin to tackle the root causes of health disparities.

We hope these resources assist you to advance and promote action strategies to reduce health disparities in your community.

Articles & Reports

The links provided will lead you to articles and reports that have been published on topics that are an essential part of the discussion about addressing health disparities. Click here to access these resources.

Health Equity Community

The organizations highlighted in this section include health equity and social justice as part of their work. Click here to access their websites.