Joint Center’s Response to My Brother’s Keeper Task Force

Last Friday the White House announced the initial report of the “My Brother’s Keeper” Task Force, which aims to build public- and private-sector partnerships to improve life opportunities for boys and men of color.  Please click the following links to read the Joint Center’s responses:

Joint Center Statement Regarding the “My Brother’s Keeper” Report  (applauds the initial report of the Task Force, and includes quotes from Spencer Overton, Brian Smedley, and Jermane Bond)

Huffington Post commentary, White House Provides Leadership on Challenges Confronting Males of Color, by Spencer Overton (analyzes the May 30, 2014 My Brother’s Keeper Report)

ImageHarnessing the Promise:  How to Accelerate the Potential of the White House “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiativeby Brian Smedley and Jermane Bond (analyzes the historical and structural factors that contribute to inequitable opportunities for males of color, and reviews the work of the Dellums Commission)

Dellums Commission Reports (the Joint Center’s Dellums Commission produced nine reports that contained policy recommendations to improve life paths for young men of color, many of which have been adopted in places like Oakland, California and Chicago, Illinois.  The Joint Center is currently reconvening the Dellums Commission to collaborate with the efforts around My Brother’s Keeper.)