Workforce Policy


Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Joins Princeton University Panel on the Future of Work and People of Color

Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Harin Contractor joined the panel, The Future of Work for People of Color, at Princeton University’s Students and Alumni of Color Symposium.

Other panelists included Carmen Rojas (Co-Founder and CEO, The Workers Lab) and Simon Tafoya (Managing Director, PayIt, Leading Innovations in Government Services).

The description for the panel is as follows: “Automation, artificial intelligence, big data – the nature of work is changing. While technological innovation has the power to reshape entire industries and increase prosperity, too often it leaves communities of color of behind. This panel will explore the trends shaping the future of work and the economy as well as what it will take to ensure people of color have a seat at the table.”

See more information about the entire symposium here.