Joint Center Vice President Joins JPMorgan Chase Institute Panel on ‘How COVID-19 Could Widen Racial Gaps’

On June 3, Joint Center Vice President Jessica Fulton joined JPMorgan Chase Institute’s panel on “How COVID-19 Could Widen Racial Gaps.” Specifically, the panelists were tasked with discussing “the economic impact of COVID-19 on minority communities, targeted financial support for families, and what can be done to promote inclusive recovery.”

JPMorgan Chase Institute’s President & CEO Diana Farrell opened the event with remarks and introductions and the JPMorgan Chase Institute Director of Consumer Research Fiona Greig moderated the conversation.

Other panelists included National Urban League President Marc Morial and PolicyLink President & CEO Michael McAfee.

The panel comes after Jessica provided feedback that helped shaped JPMorgan Chase Institute’s report, Racial Gaps in Financial Outcomes: Big Data Evidence.

The Joint Center has been keenly focused on how COVID-19 policy is impacting Black communities. Click here to see our work on our issue.