Joint Center Updates

Joint Center President Participates in the Federal Election Commission’s Black History Month Panel

Joint Center President Spencer Overton joined Commissioner Shana Broussard of the Federal Election Commission and Chairman Thomas Hicks of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in a conversation with election experts about the lessons of Black history that can guide us through modern challenges to our nation’s democratic foundations. Debo Adegbile, a partner in the Government and Regulatory Litigation Group at WilmerHale and Yael Bromberg of Bromberg Law LLC and lecturer at Rutgers Law School also joined the panel to discuss future of multiracial democracy, diversifying the candidate pool, and barriers to casting a meaningful vote, among others.

In this discussion, Spencer states, “when we talk about the cultural anxiety, [we often talk about] election denialism and a lack of confidence in democracy, also tech platforms and disinformation and the fragmentation and polarization that’s associated with that is there but also the incapacity of many of our institutions to actually grapple with these challenges because they were never really set up to facilitate multiracial democracy here.”

View the discussion recording below.