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Joint Center President Spencer Overton on C-SPAN

Joint Center President Discusses Race in America on C-SPAN’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Broadcast

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Joint Center President Spencer Overton joined Bill Scanlan from C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the Joint Center and how the organization’s work continues to expose racial discrimination and inequities.

According to Spencer, “the Joint Center is America’s Black think tank and we focus on the unique challenges that face Black communities.  The organization was founded in 1970 just after the passage o the Voting Rights Act to help Black activists move from protest to policy… In the past 53 years, we’ve helped set up the Congressional Black Caucus, state legislatures, and also advance research and policy ideas. Recently, our work has focused on issues that are critical to the future of Black communities…”

View the conversation below.