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NetRoots Panel with Dr. Dominique Harrison

Joint Center Participates in NetRoots Nation Panel on How AI Fuels Online Disinformation

Joint Center Technology Policy Director  Harrison joined a NetRoots Nation panel discussing how artificial intelligence fuels online disinformation and what to do about it. Dr. Harrison discussed the policy approaches to prevent data-driven discrimination, including tapping federal agencies’ anti-discrimination laws in other arenas, such as housing.

The full panel description is as follows: “Social media platforms rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to moderate and curate content for maximum engagement – frequently amplifying disinformation, sensationalist and harmful content. The real-world effects can be disastrous, as we saw on Jan. 6. What can we do? Activists, organizers and technologists are holding big tech accountable and there are myriad legislative proposals seeking to address the problem. Come learn how algorithmic content moderation, targeted advertising, and ranking and recommendation systems are spurring the spread of disinformation online and what can be done to stop this.”

Other panelists include Lauren Krapf (Anti-Defamation League’s Counsel for Technology Policy & Advocacy) and Spandi Singh (Policy Analyst at New America’s Open Technology Institute). Partnerships and Policy for Accountable Tech Director Rishi Bharwani moderated the conversation.

Watch the discussion below.