Joint Center Participates in Federal Reserve Bank Event on Career Pathways to Household Financial Security

Joint Center Workforce Policy Director Dr. Alex Camardelle served as a panelist for the Federal Reserve Bank’s event entitled Career Pathways to Household Financial Well-Being. Other panelists included Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Executive Vice President and Director of Research Dave Altig, Walmart Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations Monesia Brown, Hand Up Project Executive Director Talethia Edwards, and Step Up Savannah Inc. Executive Director Alicia Johnson. Atlanta Fed Community and Economic Development Principal Adviser Brittany Birken moderated the discussion.

The purpose of the event was to answer the following questions:

“How does career advancement contribute to household financial well-being? Structural barriers create obstacles to career advancement for many individuals. Aligned efforts of employers, community nonprofits, and government safety net programs can help to create short-term financial resilience and longer-term economic mobility for workers in the Southeast.”

Watch the conversation below.