Workforce Policy


Joint Center Economic Workforce Director Presents Ideas on the Future of Work at Peterson’s US2050

The Joint Center’s Economic Workforce Director Harin Contractor presented key findings from a survey to discuss sentiments and worker readiness for the future of work in Black communities at Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s US2050 Future of Work for Racial Minorities. Harin’s project “assesses how changes precipitated by automation and technological advances in the workplace will impact African Americans, compared with Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander and white populations” and shares “recommendations for policies that will help African American workers prepare for the shifting economy.”

Our Survey Research Director, Dr. Ismail White, and Diane Lim (Principal, District Economics Group) were also in attendance to share ideas on the future of work.

The presentation, which took place during Breakout 3: Future of Work for Racial Minorities, was moderated by Margaret Simms (Institute Fellow, Urban Institute).