Tech Policy

Joint Center Discusses Digital Equity at 2021 Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual Convention

Joint Center Technology Policy Director Dr. Dominique Harrison discussed digital equity with Black Public Interest Technologist Co-Founder Fallon Wilson and educational consultant Dr. Cathy Trimble at the 2021 Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual Convention. Brookings Institution Senior Fellow of Center for Technology Innovation Dr. Nicol Turner Lee moderated the conversation.

The event description is as follows: “Initially, high costs of computers created a natural barrier between those who could and could not afford one. But as the cost of computers has dropped and more people are gaining basic access to technology devices, the digital divide has evolved to take on an added meaning. The focus of the digital divide has shifted from access to computers and smartphones to inequity between those who have more or less bandwidth and more or less skills, also known as digital literacy. The panel discussion will center on the advancement of digital equity in the areas of accessibility and affordability.”

Watch the conversation below.