Workforce Policy

Joint Center Community College Research Cited in Yahoo! News

Joint Center’s research from its State of Black Students at Community Colleges report was citied in an opinion piece in Yahoo! News. The author wrote:

“In recent years, community colleges have worked to introduce comprehensive supports inside and outside the classroom that help individual students access certificates, degrees and employment. They changed placement-test policies and accelerated transitions into college-level math and English courses. They implemented broad changes to strengthen advising, providing ongoing individual academic and nonacademic counseling when students need it, and created more agile financial aid policies, including emergency assistance. Additionally, community colleges have found resources for food banks and assistance to help students find housing and, in some cases, pay their rent, as poverty disproportionately impacts Black communities. In fact, according to a report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, ‘an alarming 70% of Black students experienced food or housing insecurity or homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.'”

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