Broadband and Jobs: African Americans Rely Heavily on Mobile Access and Social Networking in Job Search

In this study, funded by the Joyce Foundation, the Joint Center explored the importance of Internet access to job search among African Americans. We found that African Americans are more likely than other segments of the population to use the Internet to seek and apply for employment, and are more likely to consider the Internet very important to the success of their job search.

We also found that confidence in one’s own digital skills correlates with a higher likelihood of using the Internet for job search, leading us to suggest that efforts to improve digital literacy would allow more people to take advantage of the dynamic employment tools that the Internet has to offer. This is particularly important given the high and ever-growing proportion of job openings that are found only online.

The data in our Broadband and Jobs report illuminates the myriad ways broadband and mobile technologies assist with finding employment – from online job listings and applications to connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. Expanding Internet access and digital literacy training can provide all Americans with the tools they need to find work in the 21st Century economy.

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