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Black Star News Shares Joint Center Statement on U.S. House Office of Diversity and Inclusion Disbandment

Black Star News reposted the Joint Center’s statement on the disbandment of the U.S. House Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

From the statement: “Following the passage of the government spending bill, this disbandment deals a significant blow to the U.S. House Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s bipartisan efforts since 2020 in promoting diverse hiring within the U.S. House offices. This decision jeopardizes the establishment of policies to support diverse communities and threatens the pursuit of inclusivity for all Americans. The dissolution of the ODI is not just a bureaucratic decision but a stark symbol of a regressive agenda undermining our call for more diversity and inclusiveness in congressional offices,” said Dr. LaShonda Brenson, senior researcher, who leads the Joint Center’s Hill Diversity work.”