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Black Star News Shares Joint Center Research on Young Black Workers

Black Star News reposted the Joint Center’s press release on its new project, “Improving Policy Narratives for Young Black Workers.”

In the press release, Joint Center Senior Policy Analyst Justin Nalley said, “Starting this project back in 2022 and witnessing the task force members’ continuous growth as they navigate adulthood has been a transformative experience in itself. Their evolving outlook on the workforce and the challenges facing young Black people in today’s economy have been essential in shaping the recommendations we’re presenting. Our initiative set out to develop narrative frameworks and messaging strategies centered around young Black workers, ensuring we engaged with our key audiences, including policymakers and partners in the workforce policy space. By utilizing the insights curated from the task force, focus group, and media analysis, we’ve created key principles that will be a catalyst for repositioning Black youth in the public sphere as assets.”

Click here to read the full press release.