Workforce Policy

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Black Policy Lab – CBCF ALC Pre-Conference Summt

Think Rubix, a social impact and consulting firm based in Washington, DC, organized a day-long summit on key issues facing the African American community. The summit highlighted topics relating to Black women, Justice & white Supremacy, Invisible Violence (Guns, Water, Education), and the future of the economy. The Joint Center’s Harin Contractor, Workforce Policy Director, participated in the panel about the future economy and how it affects the Black community.

Along with Harin were Dr. Algernon Austin, economist at Demos; Dr. Avis Jones DeWeever, CEO, The Exceptional Leadership Institute; and Tamika Mallory, Co-Chair & President, Women’s March.

The discussion started by focusing on the basic trends and economic barriers facing the community, but shifted to immediate and longer term policy solutions to allow for greater access and economic gains for the community.