Place Matters Baltimore City (MD)

Team Profile Summary

Equity Matters supports a vision for Baltimore City in which all children, youth, adults and elders have equal access to social, educational, political, employment and health, equal respect as it pertains to law enforcement and justice policies, and equal opportunity to participate as flourishing members of society through healthy, equitable policies that promote development.

Team Profile Details

Problem Statement

Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland, with over 620,000 residents.  Although the majority of residents are African American, certain pockets of the city are predominately white and persistent inequities exist between the white and nonwhite neighborhoods.  These inequities are primarily due to historic racial and residential segregation that continues to perpetuate poor outcomes for residents in high-poverty areas.  As such, the Baltimore Place Matters team seek to expand their efforts and focus on promoting equity in all polices, particularly those related to racism, housing, and education.

Team Objectives

The team focuses on three action areas to achieve this vision:

1.      Policy advocacy for “health in all policies”

2.      Facilitating interdisciplinary, interagency collaboration for policy, programs and research focusing on social determinants of health<

3.      Civic engagement and community based participatory research

Community Partners:

  • Baltimore City Council
  • Baltimore City Health Department
  • Children’s Chance for Change F
  • Cradle to College Pipeline, Inc.* F
  • Leadership Council on Civil Rights
  • Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers
  • Maryland Health Care Coalition
  • Maryland State Delegates & Senators/Legislative Health Disparities & HEALTH EQUITY Champions
  • St. Agnes Healthcare
  • US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development—Baltimore Office

F= Founding Organization *= Team Co- Leads:

For more information and to become involved, please contact:

Michael Scott (Equity Matters, Inc)

Adrienne Starks