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August Jobs Report Analysis

Joint Center Analysis of July 2018 Black Workforce Jobs Numbers

On August 3, 2018, the Joint Center organized an online conversation on the implications of the latest Employment Situation Report for Black communities.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases data on the first Friday of every month that provides insight into key indicators like the national unemployment rate and number of jobs created over the month. These figures give insights about the economic health of the country.

Harin Contractor, the Joint Center’s lead on workforce development and a former economic advisor to U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez, led a conversation to dive into the numbers and to get a more complete picture of work in Black communities.

Harin was joined by Dr. Bill Spriggs, labor market economist at Howard University, and René Bryce-Laporte, a workforce development expert based in Washington, DC.


Contractor found that though Black unemployment rate continues to fall, a lot of prime age (25-54) Black workers, particularly men, are not connected to the workforce.
You can follow the entire conversation and see all of the graphs here: