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2019 Technology and Inclusion Agenda

As America’s Black think tank, the Joint Center believes innovation and inclusive tech policies in areas like education, skills development, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure are critical to expanding opportunities in Black communities. At the same time, failure to think about race in designing systems and tech policy can lead to significant challenges, such as the facilitation of discrimination in hiring practices, financial services, housing, education, insurance, law enforcement and surveillance, advertising, and political participation.

The Joint Center’s survey data and research on Black communities allow us to maintain a deep working partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus and bring an important perspective to tech policy tables like the Partnership on AI and the Markle Rework America Taskforce.

The Joint Center’s 2019 Technology and Inclusion Agenda focuses largely on original data and research on technology and Black communities, as well as convening discussions that educate Black Washington, DC thought leaders (e.g., Congressional Black Caucus, social justice non-profits).

Read the full agenda here.