Joint Center President Spencer Overton delivered the seventh biennial lecture at Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights at Wayne State University Law School. The lecture,“Racial Equality and the Future of Work,” focused automation, the rise of “gig-economy," and race. See the full remarks below.


October Jobs Report Analysis

On the first Friday of every month, the Joint Center hosts an online conversation on the implications of the latest Employment Situation Report for Black communities when The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases data providing insight into key indicators like the national unemployment rate and the number

Joint Center's Workforce DIrector Harin Contractor joined The Atlantic's roundtable on the future of work. Other notables in attendance included Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' Senior Fellow Jared Bernstein, The Atlantic's National Correspondent James Fallows, and National Skills Coalition's CEO, Andy Van Kleunen. 

On Saturday, September 15 Joint Center President Spencer Overton moderated Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester's 2018 CBC ALC Policy Session workshop: "The Future of Work: What's Next?"  Congresswoman Blunt Rochester (D-DE) is a member of the U.S.


Analysis of Black Youth Summer Employment in 2018

Joint Center Analysis of Black Youth Summer Jobs in 2018

On August 3, Spencer Overton joined the "Equity By Design: Educating and Supporting the 21st Century Workforce" panel at the National Urban League's annual conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The discussion shed light on how we use technology and other tools to ensure that college and career readiness achieves

Despite becoming synonymous with everyday life, smartphones are one commodity that’s still capable of generating global headlines.

On June 19th, the Joint Center's Workforce Director Harin Contractor participated in the Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity (PTIO) roundtable discussing the possible effects on autonomous vehicles (AV) and the workforce.