Black Youth Losing Interest in Military Service

Black enlistments in the military have declined to their lowest level in more than three decades. The downturn is a major problem for the Pentagon, which is trying to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps. Absent a recession, which would reduce civilian employment opportunities for enlistment-age youth, the only way to enlarge the all-volunteer force (AVF) is to increase the rewards of service – that is, to raise pay, benefits and bonuses. Such a course would increase the Pentagon’s budget, which has nearly tripled during the past seven years to more than $600 billion annually.

Tackling Health Challenges Facing African Americans: An Interview with Dr. Reed Tuckson

A new assessment that measures the healthiness of states shows a
decline in the overall health of the nation. The American Public
Health Association and Partnership for Prevention collaborated
with the United Health Foundation to produce the 18th annual edition
of America’s Health Rankings: A Call to Action for People & Their

Inequality Matters: Infant Mortality in the Global Village

To better understand the issues and to inform its deliberation in formulating recommendations for policy, research, and practice, the Infant Mortality Commission asked experts in various fields related to maternal and child health and infant mortality to prepare background papers on specific issues. This background paper seeks to expand our understanding of the causes and effects of infant mortality within a broader global context. It offers comparisons between infant mortality in the U.S.